Temecula Family Lawyer

Family attorneys in Temecula handle a wide range of family law cases. Attorneys can specialize in one specific area of family law, but to be successful, they must be familiar with the full scope of everything that family law covers. If you need help with any case in family court, then you should consider getting family law representation.

Reasons to Get Family Law Representation

Family lawyers are able to help you with negotiations, mediation sessions, and representation in the courtroom. You should seek out family law representation for the following reasons:

  • Legal separation, annulment, and divorce
  • Alimony payments
  • Establishing paternity
  • Child support, child custody, and visitation
  • Domestic violence restraining orders

The attorney that you choose will be capable of assisting you in multiple areas of family law; however, you may choose to go with a team of attorneys that specialize in these areas separately if you have a particularly difficult case.

Get Help from a Divorce Attorney

A divorce lawyer in Temecula can help with more than standard divorce proceedings. They will be able to assist with legal separations, annulments, requesting alimony, and filing for domestic violence restraining orders. Just like each marriage is different, each divorce case is different. Get help protecting your financial assets by working with a divorce attorney in Temecula.

Legal Separation

In addition to filing for divorce, your divorce lawyer can help you file for a legal separation if you do not immediately want a divorce, or if you are not seeking divorce but want legal protections. Some couples seek legal separation because it is beneficial for them to stay married on paper, but they want to live apart.

Other couples file for legal separation instead of divorce for religious reasons. No matter the reason why you are filing for legal separation, an attorney can help you get the financial protections that you need.

File for an Annulment

In the event that you were not in a valid marriage then you may file for an annulment instead of a divorce. The court will grant an annulment if they find that you were tricked into your marriage, you or your spouse was too young to get married at the time of your marriage, or your spouse was already in a binding marriage at the time of your marriage. A divorce lawyer is able to help you gather the necessary evidence and present the documentation to the court if you are interested in an annulment.


The lawyer at your local Temecula divorce law office might suggest requesting alimony depending on your specific situation. If your spouse was the primary earner in your marriage then you might be entitled to spousal support or alimony. Your alimony lawyer will gather evidence that supports your need for financial support and negotiate on your behalf.

Domestic Violence Restraining Orders

If you experience domestic violence in your relationship then you need to be protected. One way to seek protection is to get a restraining order. A family law restraining order attorney is able to help you secure an emergency protective order. This order is valid for five days following issuance.

The family law attorney can also help you if you seek a temporary restraining order as a result of domestic violence. A temporary restraining order is initially set for three weeks; however, it can be extended for a period of up to five years.

Restraining orders are handled with the utmost seriousness by the court. Once the paperwork is filed you can expect to have an answer within as little as two days. Do not delay in getting the protection you need.

Get Help with Child Agreements

When children are involved in divorce or separation cases, parents need to come to an agreement on their care. To do this, they must establish agreements for child support and potentially child custody.

Child Support Agreements

A Temecula child support attorney can help a parent petition for child support. Child support is financial support that is paid from one parent to the other parent in order to financially care for the child.

The child support lawyer in Temecula might suggest additional forms of support. For example, your child support attorney might suggest that you request that your spouse also provide medical insurance in addition to child support. Other inclusions to consider adding to your child support agreement include who pays for extracurricular activities, schooling, and other necessities.

If you ever need to make changes to your child support agreement then you need to go through your child support lawyer

Child Custody Agreements

A child custody attorney will fight for sole custody or primary custody of a child or children upon a parent’s request. The child custody lawyer can help with a custody schedule as well as make special inclusions in the child custody agreement. Inclusions that parents should consider are holiday arrangements, travel agreements, right of refusal, and more.

Establishing Paternity

A paternity lawyer can help a parent that needs to establish paternity. Paternity is assumed for children born to two married parents. A paternity attorney might be needed to petition the court if one parent was not established on the birth certificate or parentage is not assumed.

For child support and child custody cases it is important to have paternity established. If for any reason you have a child that does not have paternity established then you should seek to establish it, either for yourself or the other parent.

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