Homeland Family Lawyer

You might experience a variety of family matters where it would be beneficial to have family law representation. Having family law representation can protect your financial assets, keep you and your children together, and get you the financial means needed for you to provide for your family. Having a family attorney can also help you navigate the court system and the necessary paperwork required for agreements, petitions, and decrees.

Reasons You Need Family Law Representation

You should hire a family law attorney if you need help with representation in any of the following aspects of family law:

  • Legal separation
  • Annulment
  • Divorce
  • Alimony
  • Child custody or visitation
  • Child support
  • Paternity
  • Protective or restraining orders

The lawyer that you work with may specialize in one of these areas or they may be well versed in handling a variety of these family law cases. Chances are, if you have a need in one of these areas then you need help in a few of them.


When you make the decision to end your marriage you will have to file for divorce. The best way to file for divorce is to contact a divorce lawyer in Homeland. By hiring a divorce attorney in Homeland you will get advice about your personal rights and help you to protect your financial assets.

If you are not ready to go through the divorce process because you believe that you and your spouse will reconcile, then your attorney at the Homeland divorce law office might suggest steps for legal separation.

Legal separation can also be good for couples that do not believe in divorce for religious reasons. Some couples may decide that staying married is more beneficial than divorce in which case a divorce attorney might suggest legal separation.

The divorce lawyer will look over your case and ensure that they have everything needed to file for legal separation or divorce. In the event that the marriage was not legal to begin with, they may suggest that you seek an annulment.

An annulment can be issued by the court for one of the following reasons:

  1. Fraud
  2. Incest
  3. Bigamy
  4. Unsound mind
  5. Underage

In order to request an annulment, you must meet a voidable marriage requirement and request the annulment within a specific timeframe, usually four years.

When you have decided which way you want to proceed, you should consider spousal support. An alimony lawyer can help you get spousal support payments based on a number of different factors. The court will take into consideration how long the marriage lasted, your age, the earning difference between the spouses, marital misconduct, and more.


Family law covers legal matters pertaining to children, too. If you need help establishing paternity then you should consult a paternity lawyer. A child custody attorney should be utilized if you are trying to prove that your former spouse is an unfit parent. If you have sole or primary custody of your child or children then you might need the help of a child support lawyer to get the child support that you need to financially provide for your children.


In general, paternity is assumed if a child is born to two married parents. If the parentage is in question due to infidelity or if the parentage was never established then a paternity attorney can petition the court to require genetic testing. Genetic testing will verify parentage and can help make a case for obtaining child support.

Child Custody and Support

It is very important to have a clear understanding of who is responsible for caring for your child. A child custody lawyer will be able to present evidence of an unfit parent, help you fight for primary or sole custody, and draft a custody agreement that keeps your child’s best interest in mind.

A child support attorney is able to help you get the financial help that you need from the other parent, especially if you have primary or sole custody. Your Homeland child support attorney can recommend adding inclusions to the agreement if there are things outside of the scope of living expenses. For example, your child support lawyer in Homeland might ask that health insurance, schooling costs, and extracurricular activity costs be included in the child support calculations.

Restraining Orders

There are times when individuals need protection while dealing with legal family matters. In the event that there is harm from domestic violence then you need to seek protection immediately. One thing that you can do once you are out of harm’s way to get some form of protection is to have your family law restraining order attorney request an emergency protective order.

An emergency protective order can be granted by a judge to offer immediate protection for a period of five days. There is usually some type of police involvement when these requests are made.

Another form of protection that your family law restraining order attorney can request is a temporary restraining order. This order is one of the most common orders issued for domestic violence. The restraining order lasts for three weeks but it can be requested that the timeframe be extended to up to five years following the initial order.

A restraining order can make it illegal for your abuser to contact you or approach you. Restraining orders are taken very seriously by the court and all requests are considered in a timely manner.

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