Legal Separation

If you’re experiencing a breakdown in your marriage, you may be considering a range of options. While divorce will end your marriage with your spouse, there are options available that don’t result in such drastic measures. A legal separation is a separation from your spouse that does not require you to end your marriage contract.

This is a useful legal tool for individuals that need time apart. If you still have hope that your marriage will survive, using a legal separation can be a good way to legally define your separation, as well as negotiate short-term child custody, support payments, living arrangements, and more.

At Clark and Gomez, Attorneys at Law, we understand the importance of using legal representation if you’re seeking a separation from your spouse. We can help you protect your and your family’s interests during the legal separation process. If you would like to arrange a consultation with one of our family attorneys, please call us today at 951-658-0025.

Is a Legal Separation in Hemet Right for My Relationship?

There are many reasons that Hemet residents seek legal separations. Below, let’s explore some situations that may call for legal separation:

• You believe that you and your spouse may be able to repair your marriage.
• You want to retain medical benefits and other marriage-related benefits without living together.
• You don’t currently fulfill the residency requirements for a standard divorce.
• Your religious beliefs do not allow you to seek a standard divorce from your spouse.

If you have any questions about legal separations and their purposes, please get in touch with our team at Clark and Gomez, Attorneys at Law. We can answer any questions you have.

Legal Separation Attorney in Hemet

At Clark and Gomez, Attorneys at Law, we have years of experience helping Hemet residents seek legal separations. We can help you with child custody, visitation rights, spousal support, and more.

In the event that your legal separation results in a divorce, we also have experienced divorce lawyers that can help protect your interests throughout the process.

Benefits of Using a Family Law Firm for Legal Separation in Hemet

If you want your legal separation to run smoothly, you need an attorney that can help you avoid mistakes. Many details involved in legal separations can be complex, so it’s critical to use an experienced attorney to help you navigate the terrain.

A legal separation attorney will help you understand your rights. Using an attorney that understands the process can speed up legal separation approval. Don’t pursue a legal separation without the benefit of experienced legal advice in Hemet.

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