Domestic Violence Restraining Orders

Domestic violence is a serious matter that requires urgent legal attention. In all domestic violence cases, it’s critical to remove yourself from the situation immediately and contact the police before contacting a lawyer. Once your immediate health and safety are protected, reach out to a domestic violence restraining order attorney who can help.

If you want to make it illegal for your abuser to contact you or approach you, a restraining order can help. At Clark and Gomez, Attorneys at Law, we help our clients file for domestic violence restraining orders in Hemet. Our experienced domestic violence attorneys are here to help you protect yourself and your family from your abuser.

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Domestic Violence Restraining Order Lawyer in Hemet

If you need a restraining order in California, there are a few different options at your disposal. In some cases, restraining orders are issued during the course of a criminal case. If your abuser is not part of a criminal case, you can still apply for a civil restraining order to prevent contact.

There are four standard types of restraining orders usable for domestic violence instances. Let’s explore them below:

• Civil Harassment Restraining Order: This type of restraining order prevents interaction from someone that is harassing you. This can be used in non-domestic violence cases, too.

• Emergency Protective Order: This is a five-day protective order that can offer immediate protection from harm – police commonly use this.

• Criminal Protective Order: This is a criminal order that is most frequently used to shield witnesses and victims from the perpetrator of a crime.

• Temporary Restraining Order: This is one of the most common options for domestic violence. It will typically begin with a restraining order period of up to three weeks, but this can be extended to five years in court after the initial order is granted.

If you’re ready to speak to a domestic violence restraining order law firm in Hemet, our team is always a quick phone call away. From the moment you contact our attorneys, we’ll work hard to put the steps in motion to prevent your abuser from contacting you or approaching you.

How Long Do Restraining Orders Take in Hemet?

If you need urgent restraining order, you’re likely wondering if your application will be processed quickly. Fortunately, judges only have two days to decide on a restraining order, which means the process will happen much quicker than many other legal services.

In most cases, you will initially receive a three-week restraining order if the judge grants your first request. Next, a hearing will be scheduled to determine if a permanent restraining order is necessary.

File for Domestic Violence Restraining Order in Hemet Today

If you’re ready to get a domestic violence restraining order, don’t wait another moment to contact our team at Clark and Gomez, Attorneys at Law. Time is of the essence if you want to prevent your abuser from having the legal right to contact you or approach you.

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