Perris Family Lawyer

There are many cases that go through family court for a variety of reasons and each case is different. If you are experiencing a family law matter then you could benefit from family law representation. A family attorney will make your needs a priority and work to ensure you are protected throughout the legal process.

Areas of Family Law Representation

If you are experiencing family troubles that involve your marriage or your children then you might seek out a family attorney. Family attorneys practice law that covers a wide range of subjects including:

  • Paternity
  • Child custody and visitation
  • Child support
  • Divorce
  • Legal separation
  • Annulment
  • Restraining orders

Your attorney might choose to specialize in one or two areas of family law; however, they should have some broad knowledge in all areas of family law in order to be able to fully assist you. Many law firms have their attorneys work in teams so that their clients receive the best possible support.

Establishing Paternity of a Child

The parentage of a child born to parents who are married is assumed. If a child is born out of wedlock then parentage must be established. One way to do this is to write both parents’ names on the birth certificate.

If parentage was not established at the time of the child’s birth then it might be necessary to contact a paternity lawyer. Genetic testing to confirm a child’s parentage almost always needs to be ordered by a court. In this case, working with a paternity attorney can make the process get done in a more timely manner.

Child Custody and Support

Child custody and support agreements are needed in the event that a child’s parents are divorced, legally separated, or were never married. A child support attorney can help a parent obtain sole or primary custody. Your Perris child support attorney can also present evidence to the court in the event that the child’s other parent is unfit to care for the child.

After the child custody split is determined the child custody attorney can help with negotiations or mediation sessions that pertain to establishing a visitation schedule. After the visitation schedule has been agreed upon and approved by the court you will need a child custody lawyer to make any adjustments or changes to the agreement.

In addition to child custody, it is also important to consider child support. Child support is a payment that is made to the parent with primary or sole custody from the other parent. Your child support lawyer can help you understand all of the factors that go into determining the amount of child support that can be asked for.

It is important to make sure that your child is properly cared for. While child support generally only accounts for a child’s living expenses, a child support lawyer in Perris might suggest that medical insurance or other expenses be requested in the agreement, too.

Divorce, Separation, and Annulments

Family law isn’t only about children, it includes divorce, legal separation, annulments, and other issues pertaining to dissolving a marriage.

Your divorce attorney can help you throughout the entire divorce process. While it might seem that divorce is simple, this is rarely the case. Your divorce lawyer will help you understand how the division of assets works. They can also suggest alimony, either temporary, permanent, or both.

An alimony lawyer can help you if you are seeking spousal support. In the event that your spouse was the sole earner or the higher earner in your marriage, you might benefit from financial support.

A divorce lawyer in Perris is able to help throughout the legal separation process if a couple decides that they are not ready for a divorce but they no longer want to live together. Legal separation documents help financially protect the couple’s assets during the legal separation period. Temporary financial assistance from one spouse to the other can also be arranged.

Your divorce attorney in Perris can look at the details surrounding your marriage and help you seek an annulment if you believe that your marriage was illegal or invalid from the beginning. The Perris divorce law office will petition the court of an annulment and provide supporting documentation.

The court will only grant an annulment on specific grounds. A short marriage doesn’t constitute means for an annulment. Reasons that the court might grant an annulment include fraud, an underage spouse at time of marriage, incest, bigamy, a marriage that was never physically consummated, or a spouse that was of unsound mind at the time of the marriage.

Restraining Orders

Domestic violence is very serious. If you are ever in an abusive situation, you need to get to a safe place. Once you are safe, contact a family law restraining order attorney. You could be eligible to receive one of two forms of protection from the court.

An emergency protective order issued by the court goes into effect immediately and lasts for five days. A temporary restraining order issued by the court is valid for three weeks but can be extended for a period of time up to five years.

An emergency protective order and a temporary restraining order are meant to prevent your abuser from contacting you or approaching you. In the event that they contact you make sure you keep documentation of the communication and let your attorney know. If you are approached by your abuser, contact the police immediately. Your safety must be a top priority.

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