Guardianship law is complex -As guardianships require a transfer of parental rights, the process is extremely complex. This process is in place to prevent vulnerable children from worsening their situations. If you make mistakes during the application process, it can cause severe delays -or an outright denial. For this reason, using an attorney that understands the unique parameters involved in these types of cases can help simplify the process Guardianships allow an individual to legally act as a parent to a child that is not biologically their offspring. This type of arrangement can arise for a variety of different reasons.

In some cases, a parent may be aware that they are not a suitable parental figure for their child- and they may want a grandparent, friend, or family member to take care of their child. Unfortunately, if an official guardianship is not arranged, the child's caretaker will not have full parental rights, which can cause various problems.

In other cases, a family member of the child may want to petition to become the ch ild's guardian because they're aware that the child's parents are unsuitable for the role. This may be due to the child's parent being disabled, suffering from mental illness, suffering from addiction issues, or being involved in criminal activity. Another common reason that a guardianship may be appropriate for a child is if the parents are being deployed in the military.

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