In most cases, if a couple wants to end a marriage, they will apply for a divorce. In rare instances, an annulment can be granted – which will declare that the marriage never existed. An annulment can provide a range of benefits to successful applicants, but it is rare for a court in California to approve this form of separation.

Typically, one of the members of the marriage will have to prove that the marriage was never legal. This burden of proof can be very high. At Clark and Gomez, Attorneys at Law, we help clients seek annulments if their marriages were conducted under false pretenses – such as fraud, force, or incest.

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Hemet Annulment Lawyers

As stated, obtaining an annulment can be difficult because only a few instances allow an individual to claim their marriage was never legal.

For example, if your marriage is the product of incest, you may be granted an annulment. You may also be granted an annulment if you were forced into your marriage or if you were underage.

There are a few other reasons that an annulment may be granted. Feel free to contact us today if you believe your marriage is not valid.

Annulment Vs. Divorce in Hemet

As an annulment is harder to obtain than a divorce, you may be wondering: Are there any advantages to having an annulment?

Yes. As an annulment dictates that your marriage was never valid, you will benefit from a range of advantages that are not afforded in traditional divorces. For example, you won’t have to split property with the person that you married (if the property was originally yours).

While divorces may split up your assets, judges will typically return the property to the original owner in the case of an annulment.

Also, as an annulment says you were never legally married, the marriage contract will no longer be viewed as a legal arrangement. You will not be considered a “divorced” person, as you were never married.

Do I Need the Help of an Annulment Law Firm in Hemet?

If you are seeking an annulment instead of a divorce, the assistance of an attorney can be vital. As the burden of proof is extremely high with an annulment, using a legal professional to guide you through the process can be advantageous.

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