Divorce/Legal Separation

If you're experiencing a breakdown in your marriage, you may be considering a range of options. While divorce will end your marriage with your spouse, there are options available that don't result in such drastic measures. A legal separation is a separation from your spouse that does not require you to end your marriage contract.


If you seek to end a marriage, it's essential to understand the various ramifications of divorce. Divorce law can be complex- and there is a lot at stake. It's easy to make mistakes during the divorce or legal separation process. You may make binding agreements that are against your interests because you don't realize that you have another choice. Whether issues arise due to assets, custody, child support, spousal support, or any other element of divorce, it's critical to protect your interest throughout the process. Not doing so can result in severe financial and emotional repercussions.

Legal Separation:

This is a useful legal tool for individuals that need time apart. If you still have hope that your marriage will survive, using a legal separation can be a good way to legally define your separation. There are many reasons that people seek legal separations. Below, let's explore some situations that may call for legal separation:

• You believe that you and your spouse may be able to repair your marriage.
• You don't currently fulfill the residency requirements for a standard divorce.
• Your religious beliefs do not allow you to seek a standard divorce from your spouse.

At Clark & Gomez, our attorneys can help you bring clarity to your divorce or legal separation and help you understand your options so you can determine the best course of action for your set of circumstances.