The paternity of a child can have large implications for custody, child support, and a host of other family-related matters. Whether you believe that you're not the parent of a child, or you need to prove that an ex-partner is the parent of a child. Requiring someone to take a paternity DNA test can be difficult. You will need a court order if you want to prove the paternity of your child. If you need to prove that someone is or is not the father of a child, a paternity test is essential.

Verify Paternity:

You may be trying to verify that you are not the true parent of a child. For example, if you're currently paying child support for a child that you believe is someone else's, you may need to verify paternity.

Establishing Parentage:

If a child is born out of wedlock, it can create a variety of problems for the father of the child. If you are not automatically assigned the parent at birth, it may impact your right to custody, visitation, and more.

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