Banning Family Lawyer

A Banning family attorney can assist you in the event that you need legal representation. Family law attorneys have experience with a wide variety of cases because the scope of family law is so broad. There are many reasons why you might need a family lawyer. Family lawyers can help with negotiation, mediation, and courtroom representation. If you are in need of a family attorney, make sure that you hire a reputable law firm.

Reasons You Need Family Law Representation

The scope of family law is broad because there are so many components to how families are established in our society. Here are a few reasons you might need family law representation:

  • You want to file for legal separation or annulment from your spouse
  • You want to file for divorce and request alimony payments
  • You need to establish the parentage of your child or children
  • You need to establish child custody or child visitation schedule
  • You want to receive child support payments
  • You are in need of a domestic violence restraining order

While there are some family lawyers that specialize in one specific area of representation, all family lawyers are able to represent you in any area of family law.

Legal Separation, Annulment, and Divorce

There are three main reasons why you might want to contact a divorce attorney for help regarding marital issues. Divorce lawyers help their clients with legal separations, annulments, and divorce.

Legal Separation

If you are not ready for divorce or do not wish to seek divorce then a divorce attorney in Banning can assist you with a legal separation. A legal separation is often chosen by people who do not qualify for a standard divorce, will not divorce for religious reasons, or wish to stay married for financial purposes only.


Your local Banning divorce law office might suggest that you file for an annulment if they believe that your marriage was never legal, to begin with. A court will grant an annulment if one spouse was too young to marry at the time of marriage, one spouse was tricked into the marriage, or if one spouse was already in a legally binding marriage.


If you do not want a legal separation or do not have grounds for an annulment and want to end your marriage, then you would benefit from contacting a divorce lawyer in Banning. Your divorce lawyer can help protect your financial assets.

They will also be able to request alimony payments if your spouse earned more than you and you need financial support. Alimony payments will depend on the length of your marriage as well as a few other factors. An alimony lawyer will be by your side during all negotiation and mediation sessions. If needed, they will represent you in court, too.

Domestic Violence Restraining Order

In the event that you experience domestic violence of any kind, you need to get proper protection. Your family law restraining order attorney might suggest that you file for an emergency protective order or a temporary restraining order.

An emergency protective order will be able to offer you protection for five days following the issuance of the order. A temporary restraining order offers protection for three weeks but the time frame can be extended.

The court takes domestic violence restraining orders very seriously. If you are in need of a restraining order, work with your attorney to complete the paperwork and gather the necessary evidence. Once everything has been filed with the court, you could have an answer within two days.

Establishing Paternity

If your child’s parentage was not established at birth then you might need a paternity lawyer to help you petition the court. Parentage is assumed for children who are born to two parents who are married at the time of birth; however, if a child is born out of wedlock, then the parentage isn’t assumed. Once paternity has been established, your paternity attorney will be able to help you with child custody and child support filings, too.

Child Custody and Visitation

When two parents legally separate or divorce they need to establish child custody. If one parent is deemed to be unfit then the court might require visitation in lieu of custody. A child custody attorney can help to establish the amount of custody one parent is able to get. If you are seeking primary or sole custody, a child custody lawyer will be your best ally in the courtroom.

In addition to the amount of time you are able to see your child, your attorney can help you work through the details of your child custody agreement. Things that you might consider including in the agreement are a division of holidays, right of refusal, travel agreements, and more.

Financial Child Support

Supporting your child financially will also be a point of interest when you are making child custody decisions. Your child support attorney might suggest that you request medical support for your child too. If you ever need a revision to your child support amount or your child support documents then you need to consult with a child support lawyer.

A Banning child support attorney is able to present documentation and evidence to the court to help you make a case for additional financial support if needed. Child support amounts fluctuate based on the number of children, custody arrangement, medical insurance contributions, and more. Your child support lawyer in Banning will make sure that all of these things are properly taken into consideration during your case.

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