Child Custody

Child custody law can be complex for parents that are attempting to settle custody issues. Whether you’re seeking full custody or a share agreement, it’s essential to approach the process with the right resources and expertise. Hiring a child custody attorney is an excellent way to ensure your interests are represented in court.

At Clark and Gomez, Attorneys at Law, we’ve helped countless parents file for child custody. No matter what your situation is, our team has the experience to help you understand your rights and pursue the arrangement you desire.

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Hemet Child Custody Attorneys

By working with an attorney that has child custody experience, you’ll have access to someone that can act as a reliable resource. The law will consider a wide range of factors when determining child custody, so it’s essential to prepare yourself before you pursue an agreement.

A court will assess the child’s interest, as well as a range of other factors. This may include a parent’s previous substance abuse issues, domestic violence, a child’s wishes, and other factors.

If you believe that your child is in danger because of your ex-partner’s behavior, it’s essential to speak to an attorney as quickly as possible. Child custody issues can take time – it’s critical to begin the process of removing your child from your ex-partner’s custody as soon as possible.

You may also need to gather evidence of claims you're making. Speak to an attorney to determine what is relevant in a child custody claim can provide further clarity.

The Advantages of Working with a Child Custody Lawyer

If you’re seeking a child custody agreement, you may be wondering: Is it worth hiring a child custody law firm to represent me? While you can attempt to seek child custody without a lawyer, there are many reasons that an attorney can help:

• A child custody attorney will inform you of the process and potential timeframes.
• A child custody attorney will inform you if you need to gather evidence if you’re attempting to make a claim that your co-parent is unfit for custody.
• A child custody attorney will provide legal representation if your requests are countered.
• A child custody attorney can help you approach the situation in the best manner to protect you and your child’s interests.

If you have any questions about the advantages of using a child custody attorney, feel free to contact our team. As experienced family lawyers, we understand the various advantages that our clients receive.

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